Artists, let’s make a difference in social issues

Do you create artistic and original projects that make an impact in the world?

Let’s join forces.

I know so many creative people who make the beauty, strangeness and complexity of the world visible and tangible with their ingenuity, imagination and experimentation. But I also see many of them working in isolation and struggling to give their plans and ambitions space to flourish.

That is why I would love to involve you in a new initiative in which we build a new relationship between artists, our audience and social challenges.

Will you join me?

I have some questions to ask you.

It is part of an investigation into the barriers between the world of the imagination and society. Please tell me: what is your greatest challenge when trying to produce ground breaking work?

Read more about this project here or contact with your thoughts and to find out how to get involved with us

What we can work on together