Palestine: Carried by the Wind

Music knows no boundaries. In Bethlehem, Merlijn Twaalfhoven and partners create “Carried by the Wind”, a spectacular music performance from atop rooftops and balconies, across the Separation Wall that now divides this holy town.

Uniting 75 professional & amateur musicians from Ramallah and Bethlehem with children from Palestinian West Bank refugee camps, the project culminates in a performance across Israel’s Security Fence (also known as the “Segregation Wall” or “West Bank Separation Barrier”), a 700km concrete wall that divides Bethlehem around the area of Rachel’s Tomb, at dusk on 17 April 2008. In so doing it reunites former neighbours with music from both sides of the divide.

A visitor about Carried by The Wind
“because I did not understand the nature of this event, I just experienced the nature of this place and suddenly the walls seemed smaller and I felt that the strength of our spirit is more smart than the blind, dumb and deaf concrete.”