The Air we Breathe: Vocal soundscapes

In The Air we Breathe the audience is submerged in an interplay of dozens of voices and becomes itself a part of the music. The usual division between stage and hall is lifted and from all sides the audience is engulfed by sound. By taking away that blockade a large openness and involvement with the music arises. Singers move across the room and the concert hall is experienced as a new kind of space. Eventually everyone sings along and transforms the hall in something that resembles a mixture of a gospel church, a pop concert and lush bath of sounds.

The composition is comprised of concentrated solo voices and vocals ensemble consisting of soloists with each their own genre and specialty. With every concert a different combination of soloists will participate; sometimes only a few, other times five to eight. Now and then a special guest soloist is involved. The soloists create a fragmented soundscape with voices from the audience.

Every concert is unique: the participating soloists and the particular venue determine the experience. With every performance locally recruited (amateur) singers join in and with every location the participants differ.

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The press on The Air We Breathe
“The Air we Breathe is an aural experience of sixty minutes, where no hour is wasted in boredom. On the contrary!”
Dagblad Tubantia, 04-03-2013