Citizen Artist Incubator 2017: Call for Artists

This July, I’ll host a one month program with scientists, philosophers and other experts to empower this high potential artists for a larger role in their community, city or environment. The Citizen Artist Incubator.

I believe that artists have a crucial role to play in the society of today, given the alarmingly growing divisions between rich and poor, immigrants, muslims, Roma, progressives, greens and so on. Since a changing world is dependent of the resilience, learning and trust of its people, I believe this time needs openness, connection and curiosity! And artists can teach their audience to open up, connect and be curious…

Can you help me? Do you know an inspiring European performing artist that makes impact in society?
Please let me know. I am looking for 17 artists to take part in an exciting one-month program, the Citizen Artist Incubator.

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