A sea of voices: 1000 Voices in Carré

On September 8, 2012, the opening of the 125th season anniversary of Carré. Singers of all ages, styles, cultures and districts from Amsterdam play short city-wide surprise concerts and, afterwards, came together in Carré to perform a new composition, which consisted of countless melodies, experimental sounds and virtuoso solo moments.

In the months prior to the concert every soloist led a group of 20 to 50 enthusiastic amateur singers in an intense preliminary course with rehearsals, surprise concerts, flash mobs and concerts in a specific neighborhood in Amsterdam. Thus the entire city was involved with a project that resulted in a grand event in Carré. In small and big groups, on stage, from balconies, from behind the wings, in the lobby and in the audience, loud, fascinating, but also intimate and intense, sounded a composition with dozens of components.

The making of 1000 Stemmen in Carré by Merlijn Twaalfhoven
Video: Judith Hofland

The press on 1000 Voices in Carré

“One moment was unforgettable: where the Moroccan powervoice of Mohammed El Habib seamlessly passed over in very related fado singing. This is where the music transcended boundaries and proved, without words, a humanistic idea.”
By Micha Spel in De Volkskrant, 10-09-2012

“Thousand voices in Carré, where a waving sea of sound welled up from hundreds of amateur voices, shows that Twaalfhoven’s work also raises questions for critics.”
By Joep Christenhusz in De Groene Amsterdammer, 11-02-2013

Participants on 1000 Voices in Carré

“What a fantastic Saturday! Even today I still have flashes of 1000 Voices in Carré in my head. And they will probably emerge more often. Thank you, Merlijn Twaalfhoven, for your beautiful composition; goosebumps, amazement and broad smiles. And thank you, Jorinde Keesmaat and Joanne, zen and precision in directing thousand voices.
By Yinske Silva on Facebook