La Nuit: Asko-ensemble with Swedish Folksinger

This was a more modest Nuit, during which the audience listened very quietly and hardly wandered about. Perhaps this was because it was a Tuesday evening, or because the Asko-Ensemble has an attentive following, or perhaps because the music commanded it. The hall was cosily decorated; the audience was seated amid houseplants, a fishbowl, floor lamps and a cage of budgies. With the Swedish folk singer Lena Willemark as leitmotiv, a veritable cornucopia of entertainment flowed from various points in the audience, including intimate songs, spatial sound sculptures, electronic music and the contemporary dance of Sawami Fukuoka (Emio Greco|PC).
In the middle of the hall, in a complex installation with over 100 pots and pans, which sometimes doubled as percussion instruments, the cooks prepared supper. The climax of the evening was Karin Rehnqvist’s performance of the piece “Solsangen”. Afterwards DJ Sjam joined the musicians to create a live soundtrack to a piece of video art.